Window 10 is free upgrade!

Microsoft will upgrade the old user’s to Windows 10 automatically

Microsoft will begin to upgrade your old operating system users to its latest operating system automatically at the beginning of 2016.

Window 10 Is Free Upgrade!
Window 10

Microsoft has said that soon they will start Windows 10 Optional Update to Windows Update for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. Then, early next year, they will change Windows 10 to a Recommended Update, and depending on the settings of the Windows Update settings, upgrade to Windows 10 will take place automatically.

However, before completely changes your users will have to confirm that you want to continue or change. Moreover, if you decide to upgrade, you will have 31 days to return to the old operating system, in the case who do not like Windows 10.

US technology companies hope that Windows 10 will help to build consumer confidence because today most consumers rely on tablets, smartphones and other electronic devices.

 It should be noted that recent reports have shown that the new Windows 10 operating system already installed on the computer already 75 million units, which is equivalent to 4.9 percent of the total number of computers. According to the analysis of StatCounter.

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