The benefits of Vitamin D in wild sheep

Vitamins are the best boosters of health and wellness. Vitamin D especially absorbed naturally form sunlight has shown remarkable benefits to bones, immune system and also muscles in humans. Also many previous researches have shown that vitamin D is important to humans as well as animals. Recently a new dimension of Vitamin D benefits has been deduced. It has been researched and found that vitamin D is directly proportionate to fertility in wild animals. It has been seen that fertility in wild sheep increases when more amount of sunlight is received. University of Edinburgh’s scientists have tracked the Vitamin D levels in Soay Sheep. These sheep living in the Hebridean island of St. Kilda have proved to produce more number of lambs after summers than in the spring season. Hence it’s proven that the more amount of sunlight ensures more vitamin D and thus more fertility in these wild animals. Previously many researches have been done to show the importance of Vitamin D to fertility on human and animals too. It’s for sure that this vitamin is sure to boost fertility. This time the scientist for the first time researched on wild animals and the vitamin D benefits are alike. Sources: UPI

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