The seven judgmental traits of a personality

Different people have different personality based on their behavior, attitude, thinking, upbringing and many such factors. As they grow and learn, personality changes but the basic character will always remain the same. To know a person’s personality traits, there are seven points studying which will always give some specific set of such traits. And people generally tend to follow these points when judging a person. Though these points can be misleading at times, but tend to give few hints always. A simple way of judging is by studying the handwriting and its characteristics. Like a person with forward strokes, big writings will have specific characters. Second in the list is the color preference a person has. Black will mean artistic and sensitive, white means logical and so different colors have different connotations. Behavior like biting nails or a firm handshake means a lot about the state of mind. Even the type of shows a person wears says a lot about him or her. His financial condition, his age, political affiliation and many such things can be read seeing his state of shoes. The way a person talks with eye to eye contact will also state his mental state, confidence and whether he is lying or not.

Image: wikimedia

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