Kim Jung-un has a passion for Trees and the capital punishment of Officials

Kim Jung-un is always preoccupied ordering one more execution. The hottest casualty, which is known to the people, had been Choe Yong Gun, the vice premier. The leader of North Korea, having used up all his anti aircraft missiles while executing Hyon Yong Chol in the month of May, chose on being ironic by having Gun put to death by a firing troop. Even though eight months has passed by since the execution had taken place it’s now that all the facts surrounding this event are surfacing. During the later stages of 2013, demoralizing rains struck this nation and resulted in flooding that took the lives of over 20 people while displacing many. Following this catastrophe, Kim ordered an enormous tree planting mission for preventing soil erosion. It is sad for Choe Yong Gun that he did not agree with the decree of Kim Jung-un. Then in the month of December in 2014, when the annual performance evaluation was done Choe Yong Gun was given a negative evaluation and he was subsequently executed.

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Sources: weirdasianews

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