5 eerie Critters the survive on human flesh

An Australian man, aged 56 years, is struggling to stay alive after he was infected with an odd flesh-devouring “superbug” that led to gigantic wounds developing on his thigh & stomach. This condition that the man is afflicted with is titled “necrotizing fasciitis” and the cause of this is a moderately eminent bacterium named Streptococcus, which is more popularly identified as Strep. This has been reported by West Australian, which is a local newspaper that comes out in Perth. A number of varieties of bacteria could be lethal. However they are by no means the sole odd things present that can consume human fleshy tissue thoroughly. The five pests and pathogens that survive on human body are Streptococcus, screwworm fly, D. hominis, venum of spiders and Naegleria fowleri. Source: livescience.com

eerie Critters
Credit: Stacey Ann Alberts / Shutterstock.com

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