Groundbreaking approach of producing gold from electronic wastes

A group of researchers have discovered an environment friendly and financially viable way of recovering as well as recycling gold from the waste of electrons. This is a groundbreaking approach that can potentially bring a few major changes around the world.

Professor at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, Stephen Foley stated that this approach of recycling gold will be cheaper and environment friendly. This major breakthrough can change the gold industry and rejuvenate the gold economy. Being least chemically reactive, gold is difficult to be dissolved. Today, primate techniques are used for creating gold in the gold mines. Such approaches have potentially high environmental hazards to render. The Large amount of sodium cyanide has been used in the gold mines for deriving gold.

gold from electronic wastes

Not just a major threat to the environment, the present technique of gold recycling is costly and of course time consuming. On the other hand, this new technique of gold refining is cheaper, better and no possible harms are there for the environment.

gold from electronic wastes 2

According to Mr. Foley, presently the world produces around 50 million tons of electronic wastages. Using the electronic waste for gold production will also reduce environmental hazards due to electronic wastes. Under mild conditions, this new gold extraction technique has been carried out.

gold from electronic wastes 1


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